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Elder Abuse, Nursing Home Neglect

elder-abuse-personal-injury-lawyerAbuse of our elderly and infirm is on the rise.  Unfortunately, most of this population cannot speak and/or fight for themselves.  They are all too often the innocent victims of corporate greed and neglect.  

Our legislators, enacted California's Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (referred to as "EADACPA") to deter abuse and neglect and to allow personal injury lawyers to bring civil actions to fight the abuse.  EADACPA is a complex law designed to protect elder and dependant adults.  It is important that your attorneys have experience and knowledge in this area.

Unfortunately, most nursing home injuries are the result of business decisions made by corporations that make hundreds of millions of dollars each year.  These decisions place the corporations’ profits ahead of the care of the elderly and infirm that pay good money for the care they never get.  Types of nursing home injuries may include:

•    Bedsores (decubitus ulcers)
•    Fractures
•    Malnutrition
•    Dehydration
•    Weight Loss
•    Burns
•    Pneumonia
•    Sexual Assault
•    Emotional Distress and Isolation
•    Violation of Patient’s Rights
•    Abandonment
•    Falls
•    Wandering and Elopement
•    Etc.

Our lawyers have seen many forms of elder abuse and neglect through the years.  If your loved one is under the care of another (whether at a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), at home by an in-home health provider, a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), or Long Term Acute Care Center (LTAC), there are many sign and symptoms of elder abuse and neglect you can look out for.

To spot elder abuse and neglect, please look out for the following:  


*Complaints by other patients or residents.
*Untimely responses by staff to call buttons.  This is often due to understaffing.
*Patient or resident left in soiled diapers for extended periods or time.
*Unsafe living environment, such as no hot water, unkempt conditions, dirty sheets, soiled floors, etc.
*Poor hygiene, including dirty hair, hands, fingernails, teeth, clothes, etc.
*Bedsores on feet, back, shoulders, buttocks, elbows, etc.
*Unplanned or unexplained weight loss
*Physical Abuse
*Cuts, bruises, burns, restraint marks, loss of confidence, fear towards certain staff
*Broken bones
*Black eyes or bruises
*Marks around the arms
*Signs of over-medication, blank stares, drowsiness, excessive sleeping, loss of function, loss of continence
*Sadness or depression
*Fear of talking openly
*It appears patient or resident is being untruthful when questioned about circumstances

How we can help
We have years of experience handling a wide variety of elder abuse and elder neglect cases.  We will help you obtain justice on many fronts whether it be through complaints to the appropriate governmental agencies or through civil proceedings.  

If you or a loved one has been subjected to elder abuse or neglect, please contact our personal injury attorneys for a free case consultation.



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