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george-kindley-lawGrowing up in Virginia, Kindley was close to his grandparents and the elderly neighbors who helped shape and mold him.  There was a nursing home close by where he spent time with elders, too.  

Years later, when he saw elders being abused at nursing homes and elsewhere, it hit a sensitive nerve.

"That was a big motivator when I got out law school and joined a defense firm that handled some nursing home cases.  It broke my heart to see what they underwent," said Kindley, who has a boutique firm law firm, the Kindley Firm, APC, focused on personal injury and elderly abuse litigation.

He pointed out that, with the elderly, it's a lot different than with children because there's always someone watching children, and if someone neglects a child or leaves the child in a car, it's on the news.  "But you don't hear about the elderly being left out in the heat, or being given strong medication against their consent."

On the personal injury side, he gets a lot of brain injury cases and a recent one was about a young man returning from a concert with three others in his car.  A tractor trailer jack-knifed and cut off every lane of traffic on the freeway, and in doing so it swung in to their car.  

"They were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  The trailer driver died, my client suffered severe brain injuries.  We found that the driver had driven too much that day, past the allowed time," Kindley said.

He helped the family get him in to the best possible brain treatment program, which offers learning services,  occupational, physical, and speech therapy, and psychological services, so patients can re-learn how to speak and walk.

Through a mediated settlement, Kindley secured $17.5 million for his client, of which $14.5 million is the total expected payout over the course of his client's life, after fees, medical liens, and costs were paid.

"It was a tough case, there were hurdles with liabilities and insurance companies," Kindley said.  "We worked on it for 18 months, set aside money for his Medicare, and structured a large portion of his recovery to spread over his lifetime.

The kindley Firm, APC

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