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san-diego-fraud-personal-injuryFraud is most common in the buying or selling of property, including real estate, personal property, and intangible property, such as stocks, bonds, and copyrights.  State and federal statutes criminalize fraud, but not all cases rise to the level of criminality.  Prosecutors have discretion in determining which cases to pursue.  Victims may also seek redress in civil court.

Would you know if your real estate investor, stockbroker, or investment money manager engaged in investment fraud or securities fraud through the sale of proprietary investment products

What if they made false promises, or provided you with misleading or fraudulent investment or financial planning advice to further their own financial interests rather than to achieve your investment objectives?

Most people would have no idea that such mismanagement was being committed by their trusted real estate or stockbroker. We lead busy lives and we trust our financial planners to serve our best interests. After all, that is the reason why we hire such professionals in the first place. But greed and corrupt practices can get in the way, causing you to lose potentially large sums of money. When this occurs, it is considered a form of professional negligence or malpractice and is prohibited by federal and state laws. If you believe you have been affected by real estate or stockbroker fraud or negligence, you should contact The Kindley Firm, APC, today.

Stockbroker Fraud

Areas of Stockbroker Malpractice

Stockbroker malpractice can occur in a variety of different ways. Neglect, abuse, greed, and fraud may all play a role in cases of stockbroker malpractice, creating a breach of fiduciary duty between your broker and you, the client. Some of the most common forms include:

1.  Making recommendations that are unsuitable for you or your investment strategies.
2.  Overreaching, deceit, or dishonesty regarding an account the broker managed for you.
3.  Executive commissions charged or earned.
4.  Churning of your account through frequent sales and purchases.
5.  Failure to execute trades when directed to do so.
6.  Fraud or theft of funds.
7.  Variable Annuities, Class A preferred trades, or Sub-prime debts in an IRA or 401K.

The Kindley Law Firm, APC is a boutique law firm, which focuses on personal injury litigation.  As a boutique practice, we are able to be selective in the cases we take on.  What this means to you is, once you become a client of the firm, you will receive the highest level of service, your case will receive the attention it deserves.  Because of the level of the service we offer, our perseverance, caring, and attention to detail, we are able to consistently garner phenomenal results for our clients.

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