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Can You Sue a Hotel for Negligence?

An injury can happen anywhere, anytime. When someone else’s carelessness or negligence is to blame, you might find success by filing a personal injury claim against them.

The case is no different for a hotel. In order to receive benefits in the form of financial compensation, however, you’ll have to prove how the hotel’s negligence caused actual damages.

Read on to find out if you can sue a hotel for negligence.

Types of Injuries You Can Suffer at a Hotel

Nobody ever expects anything but a relaxing experience when they check in at a hotel away from home. In reality, an accident could be waiting around any corner—and for as much as the hotel may try to shirk the responsibility, they are often directly or indirectly responsible.

But what are some of the ways you can be hurt at a hotel? One example that comes to mind is an injury at a pool or recreation area. The surfaces can be slick or slippery from water, and the hotel may not take proper precautions to protect its guests from an injury.

Suffering a fall, whether poolside or otherwise, could leave you with serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, or back problems.

Some other types of accidents that can happen at a hotel include:

What Are the Benefits of Suing a Hotel for Damages?

People file injury claims when the carelessness or negligence of another person or entity causes their injuries. And although injuries can certainly be debilitating in their own right, the financial and emotional cost of living with said injuries can also be incredibly damaging.

For example, you might be impacted by the cost of emergency or recurring medical care related to your injuries. If you’re hurt, you probably can’t work, and lost paychecks add up quickly. Finally, getting hurt in an accident that was caused by actions or circumstances beyond your control can leave you with emotional trauma that impacts your quality of life.

Filing a claim for damages from the at-fault party can help. If successful, you could be compensated for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Emergency services
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • More

Getting the compensation you deserve is never easy, as the hotel and its insurance company will likely fight you every step of the way. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help you seek the maximum settlement possible for your case.

Contact a Lawyer When You’ve Been Hurt at a Hotel

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