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Coronado Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a vehicle collision, you may be eligible for a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Contact a Coronado car crash attorney to help you file a personal injury claim.

When someone else’s careless driving caused your auto crash, you can seek damages by filing a personal injury claim. Human error causes most car crashes, and whoever was responsible for your injuries should be held accountable. You can get help with your case by contacting a Coronado car accident lawyer at The Kindley Firm, APC.

Common Causes of Vehicle Crashes in Coronado, California

Many factors can lead to auto collisions—even some you may not have considered.

For instance, did you think that a pothole in the road could cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle and collide with you? That does happen. Or what if a stop sign is missing or knocked over and a driver barrels straight through a four-way stop and crashes into you?

In these examples, the government could be liable for your injuries because government road authorities are responsible for maintaining safe road conditions. You could file an injury claim against the government if hazardous road conditions led to your accident.

Here’s a look at some other common causes of auto collisions in Coronado:

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Improper vehicle service work
  • Defective vehicle parts
  • Distracted driving

Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Vehicle Crash

Many people attempt to file car crash claims on their own. That isn’t usually a good idea. No insurance company is thrilled to pay out on your claim, and insurers will try to minimize the payout they make to you if at all possible.

They will try to get you to admit to some fault for the car crash so they can lower your payout or eliminate their obligation to pay you altogether.

When you meet resistance from an insurer, a critical step to protecting your claim and your future is calling a Coronado vehicle wreck attorney who can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. That way, you run much less risk of getting a lower settlement than you deserve.

Compensation for Your Coronado Car Wreck

When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you will suffer losses as a result. You may be facing missed wages from work as you recover from your injuries; you could be dealing with massive medical bills; you may be in need of mental health treatment to deal with the trauma of your accident.

If you didn’t cause your crash, you shouldn’t be required to pay for any of these expenses. You can recover all of your many losses through a personal injury claim.

Reach Out to a Coronado Auto Wreck Lawyer Today

You didn’t ask to be injured, but you can ask for compensation for what someone else has done to you. Contact a Coronado car accident lawyer to review your case for free. The Kindley Firm, APC, can be reached via the contact form below or by dialing 619-550-1313.

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