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National City Truck Accident Lawyer

You deserve qualified and experienced legal help after a commercial truck crash. You’ll find that help with a National City 18-wheeler accident lawyer.

Accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles can be some of the most traumatic there are. And the odds of sustaining serious injuries are far higher than in other types of crashes, which makes filing a claim for compensation incredibly important.

Living with and healing from these injuries is an expensive and emotionally taxing experience. If someone else was responsible for your accident, you should not be expected to pay for the damages that are negatively impacting your life. A National City truck accident lawyer can help you determine who was at fault and pursue the compensation you’re entitled to.

Compensation and the Trucking Company’s Insurance

The insurance company’s main goal is to settle your claim quickly and for the smallest amount possible—or avoid liability altogether. But being armed with a detailed list of the causes of your National City semi-truck accident and who is to blame can force insurers and trucking companies to recognize the true value of your damages.

Your truck accident attorney will evaluate the damages tied to your 18-wheeler crash. These may include vehicle damage, lost wages, reduced future income, healthcare costs, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, reduced quality of life, and more.

Then, we’ll work tirelessly to win you every penny you’re owed for those damages.

Determining Cause and Fault in National City Truck Crashes

Identifying the causes of your truck accident is essential to your success. You may need to prove these with hard evidence, such as cell phone and trucking company work logs. Reaching a conclusion on who is responsible can be tricky in truck accidents, however, because parties other than the driver may be involved.

A National City semi-truck collision lawyer will be able to gather all the available evidence to support your case. Below are just a few possible causes and how they might impact your claim for compensation:

  • Drowsy Driving – Driver fatigue is a common cause of semi-truck accidents. Federal regulations restrict how many hours a truck driver can stay on the road without resting. The driver or the trucking company could be to blame if these rules were violated.
  • Distracted Driving – Just like car drivers are more prone to focusing on their phones and radios than the road at times, truckers can also cause crashes when they’re distracted. To prove fault, you may need to obtain cell phone records to prove the truck driver was distracted at the time of the accident.
  • Unsecured Cargo – If cargo is not properly secured and causes your 18-wheeler crash, the blame could be placed on the negligent team that loaded it or the manufacturer of the cargo restraints.
  • Dangerous Roads – Poor road conditions can cause serious accidents. If there are unmarked steep shoulder drop-offs or missing guardrails, the government agency responsible for the road’s oversight could be to blame if that oversight caused your commercial trucking crash in National City.

Consult a National City Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

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