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San Diego Bicycle Accident FAQ

Whether you have turned to bicycle riding as an alternate means of transportation, a fun and leisurely activity, or healthy exercise, being injured isn’t what you may have expected when you set out on your journey. Because of the lack of safety features on a bicycle, accidents can have severe and life-threatening consequences. 

If you have suffered injuries while riding your bike due to the negligence of another, you’re entitled to compensation. The Kindley Firm, APC will advocate for you and get you what you deserve, with specific guidance throughout your claim. If you’re hurt in a bicycle accident and need answers, reach out and get the answers you need from an attorney. 

What do I do after a bicycle crash?

There’s no way to prepare for the impact an accident will have. There are a few important steps that you can take to help you solidify your claim. The first step is to consider your safety and health. Seeking urgent medical attention should be the priority. 

If you can collect evidence at the scene, it is advised that you request a police report and get the name and number of all witnesses if you can. Photographs of the scene and any injuries that you incurred will be helpful in your legal pursuit of compensation. Street landscapes can change, but photographs preserve the facts.

Will my insurance company settle with me? 

Working with insurance companies can be an extensive and overwhelming process. Insurance adjusters do not have your best interest in mind and will try to negotiate a settlement less than what may cover your expenses. 

Connecting with a personal injury lawyer with years of experience in San Diego law is your best chance at a favorable outcome. Your lawyer can step in and handle negotiations while you focus on healing. 

What are the most common causes of bicycle accidents in San Diego? 

Sharing the road with distracted drivers leads to thousands of accidents every year, but this isn’t the only reason for bicycle accidents in San Diego. Below are just a few you may have encountered: 

  • Road rage
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Defects in the road
  • Dog chases and dog bites
  • Bike equipment failure
  • Running into a vehicle’s unexpected open door

How serious are bicycle accident injuries? 

Because your bike isn’t built with the same safety features that a car or truck may have, you may be more vulnerable to serious injuries when a car accident happens. The most common injuries seen in bicycle-related accidents in California include traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, bone fractures, and internal injuries. 

What types of damages may I be entitled to?   

It‘s common to pursue reimbursement for economic damages associated with a personal injury incident. Medical bills, lost wages, and the replacement or repair of property are common items that qualify for compensation. By securing personal injury representation, we will explore additional damages that you are entitled to. 

Non-economic damages are more subjective. Pain and suffering along with loss of enjoyment in your life due to injury take skilled professionals who can calculate the monetary equivalent to bring you some peace of mind. 

What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Any rider who’s younger than 18 years of age is required to wear a helmet. The law was changed in 2015 removing this mandate for adults. If you were not wearing a helmet, despite the fact it is no longer the law, the at-fault motorist’s insurance company may flag this as being a fact in their favor. 

Can I still sue even if I was partly at fault for my bicycle accident? 

Everyone makes mistakes, and you may feel that you were partially at fault for the damages incurred. While you should never admit fault, you may still have a chance to avoid accepting fault. Comparative negligence can reduce your compensation or even bar you from compensation. Talk to your lawyer about a strong defense for your claim. 

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