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San Diego Product Liability Lawyer

No company has a right to make profits at the expense of your health. Recover compensation for a defective product with the help of a San Diego product liability attorney.

When you purchase a product, you expect that product to be safe for its intended use. There are laws in place that govern the manufacture of merchandise such as beauty products, appliances, automobiles, and medical devices—just to name a few.

No matter what type of product hurt you, when you are injured because of a company’s failure to follow the laws intended to keep you safe, you can recover compensation for your injuries. A San Diego product liability lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC, can review your case to determine how strong it is and what you are owed.

Our attorneys can investigate the product as well as the mandated safety requirements to determine whether someone knowingly allowed a defective product to reach the marketplace.

Types of Product Liability Claims

There are a few different types of product liability claims. Your product liability attorney can investigate your particular situation to identify what kind of claim you have. Here are the main types:

  • Manufacturing Defect – This kind of defect occurs when a company makes mistakes during the assembly of a product, which makes the product unsafe. For example, if a company is manufacturing one hundred trampolines but five of those have defects that cause the trampoline to break during use, the manufacturer could be held liable if you are injured.
  • Marketing or Advertising Defect – A marketing or advertising defect can make a party liable if they advertise a product for a purpose for which it is unsuitable, or if the advertiser fails to supply the proper warnings or labels with the product.
  • Defect in Design – If there is a defect in the design of a product, this means that the company who designed it could be liable if you are injured. For example, if there was a design flaw in your automobile’s door handle and you were hurt because of it, the company would be liable.

Compensation for Dangerous Product Injuries

If a dangerous product harmed you or made you ill, you can recoup your financial and quality-of-life losses by suing the party responsible for your injury. A defective product lawsuit allows a consumer to sue for damages that resulted from his or her injury, such as the following types:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment and other associated costs
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages or earning potential
  • Emotional trauma and mental anguish

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If a defective product has seriously injured you or left you ill, you should receive fair compensation. We are more than a match for the insurance companies and manufacturing companies who will try to pay you as little money as possible. Our attorneys know how to investigate your case, and we know how to argue in court that you weren’t at fault for your injury.

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