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San Diego Property Damage Lawyer

When natural disasters or accidents cause property damage to your valuable belongings, you deserve reimbursement to repair and rebuild. If you’re having trouble recovering compensation from an insurer or a negligent party, reach out to a property damage attorney in San Diego.

San Diego is a desirable place to live because of its temperate climate and seemingly endless sunshine. Although the weather in San Diego is enviable, the cost of living in the area is not. Owning a home is difficult for many families to afford, and insurance prices are high. Although Southern California doesn’t have much rain, it has other weather risks that can lead to property damage.

Whether you’ve suffered property damage to your home from a natural disaster or have experienced property damage in an unexpected accident, it’s important to pursue a settlement if you want to avoid financial distress and restore what you’ve lost. A San Diego property damage lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC can negotiate on your behalf to get the most out of your claim.

Incidents in San Diego That Can Cause Property Damage

Fires are one of the greatest risks for property damage in San Diego and the state of California as a whole. In recent years, wildfires have swept through California and destroyed thousands of homes. Fires are hard to control once they begin, but homeowners’ insurance in California may cover damages to your home caused by a fire.

Earthquakes are another risk factor that homeowners face in California. Although homeowners aren’t required to buy earthquake insurance, some homeowner’s insurance policies cover property damage caused by earthquakes. It’s important to understand your policy when purchasing.

You can also suffer property damage to your vehicle if you get into a car accident. When a car accident occurs, you may have to sue an individual or a car manufacturer for the property damage you sustain.

Who Can Be Liable for Property Damage in San Diego?

Often, you’ll deal with an insurance company when filing a property damage claim in San Diego. Although the insurance company may not have caused your property damage, it’s the one you’re trying to get a settlement from because you purchased homeowner’s or car insurance through the company.

A property damage lawyer in San Diego can be helpful in winning your case because they have experience fighting insurance companies in court. Although an insurance company may not offer you the amount you deserve, the adjuster will likely be more willing to increase your settlement when you take legal action against them.

Contact a San Diego Property Damage Attorney

To successfully win a property damage claim in San Diego, you’ll need evidence to support your claim such as photographs of the property damage and records to prove that your insurance policy covers the damage. With an experienced attorney by your side, you can feel confident fighting for a settlement.

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