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Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Hiring an Abusive Employee?

The thought of your loved one being abused in a nursing home is abhorrent, and if this situation has happened to you, then you are probably out for justice. Your loved one needs you to fight for them when they’ve been abused in a nursing home facility.

You absolutely can sue a nursing home when they’ve made negligent mistakes that have caused your loved one harm. Negligence is looked at on a case-by-case basis, but if you think that the nursing home should be held accountable for the abuse your family member suffered, you should talk to a San Diego nursing home abuse lawyer about filing a claim today.

Which Types of Situations Can a Nursing Home Be Liable For?

You expect that the nursing home where your family member has been living will provide adequate care and protection for them. You expect them to have rules and procedures in place that safeguard against abuse and neglect.

No one should ever suffer abuse in a nursing home or caregiving setting, and if it has occurred, then something isn’t right in that facility. Below are some of the situations where a nursing home can be held liable for the abuse that occurred within its facility:

Abuse by Staff Members

A common situation in which the nursing home would be liable is if a staff member commits elder abuse. Particularly, if the nursing home was informed of some concerns regarding the staff member, but they did nothing. Or, if they hired the staff member without doing a background check, that could be considered negligence.

When a nursing home hires staff to take care of elderly adults, they should only be hiring experienced professionals with no criminal history of abuse.

Abuse by Fellow Residents

The nursing home can also be liable in other circumstances. For example, if your loved one was not harmed by a staff member but was harmed by a fellow resident, you could sue the nursing home if it’s shown that they knew about the abuse but did not try to prevent it.

Neglect or Mistreatment

There are many ways an elderly adult can be abused in a care setting. They can be neglected, mistreated, or not given adequate medical attention. All of these issues fall on the nursing home, and you can hold them liable for the suffering and losses you and your loved one have faced.

Reach Out to a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Your loved one deserves justice and monetary compensation for any abuse suffered because of a nursing home’s inability to protect them. It is the job of the nursing home director to see that these horrible abuses don’t occur within their facility’s walls. Filing a claim against the nursing home is well within your rights.

Make sure that your loved receives the best chance at justice by working with a nursing home abuse attorney at our firm. We will investigate the abuse, gather evidence that proves the nursing home’s negligence, and argue this case on your behalf.

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