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Helping a Loved One Recover from Elder Abuse

Abuse of any sort is a horrible reality in society today, those who abuse elders pray on one of our most vulnerable populations. As the population of those aged 65 and older grows, so does the prevalence of elder abuse. 

California is not immune from this statistic. Whether you think your loved one is being taken advantage of by family members or being mistreated by healthcare providers, our legal team is here to help.

While the impacts of elder abuse can affect you both emotionally and financially, seeking a legal advocate can help you start the road to recovery. 

Know When Action Needs to be Taken

At times it may be difficult to spot elder abuse, get reports from a health care provider who could potentially be at fault or listen to details from your loved one thinking they might be confused about details of the event. Elders need a trusted advocate, to ensure their safety and report any suspected wrongdoings. 

Look for warning signs that your loved one is being mistreated. In the event of suspected physical or emotional abuse and neglect look for unexplained bruises, sprains, or significant behavior changes. When they are being taken advantage of financially, look for large withdrawals or missing valuables or cash from their household.

Recovering From Financial Elder Abuse

Financial exploitation is a crime. It is the use of an individual’s funds or property without authorization. This may involve misuse of income checks and credit cards, stealing property and cash, or asking for fraudulent donations for fictional charities or organizations. Even the most diligent adult can fall victim. 

It is often difficult to track financial exploitation as elders do not always keep current and complete financial records. Elders often delay reporting that they have fallen victim to fraud and scams as they may feel family members will question their competence or feel that they will not be believed. Speaking to an attorney gives you options to recuperate lost funds and valuables.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

As the elder population grows and the average life expectancy extends, it is an unfortunate reality that the occurrence of abuse and neglect to this population grows as well. Whether this occurs in a nursing home or in their own home by a hired caregiver or family/friend, this should be reported immediately. 

Know the signs, check in regularly, report any concerns and obtain a lawyer to protect their rights, start the recovery process, and protect against further mistreatment.

Let a Lawyer Help your Loved One in their Recovery

There are millions of elders who fall victim to elder abuse every year, and millions of dollars are robbed from their rightful owners. Many don’t receive the justice they deserve or recover from such mistreatment, don’t let that be your family or friend. 

It is possible with the right attorney on your side to move forward. Immediately report your concerns to the authorities and then do not hesitate to call The Kindley Firm, APC, at 619-550-1313 or complete the following online contact form below to start with a free consultation. 

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