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How Often Do Pedestrians Get Hit by Cars?

Drivers aren’t the only ones at risk while on the road. Drivers are supposed to share the road with pedestrians, but unfortunately, many pedestrians are hurt or even lose their lives because of the carelessness of a driver. 

While preventative measures can be taken, it’s impossible to predict a driver’s behavior, especially if they’re not exercising the right amount of caution in a populated area. So how frequent are pedestrian accidents, where a pedestrian is struck by a car? Here’s what you need to know. 

Are Urban Areas Dangerous?

The majority of accidents that involve pedestrians take place in urban areas, especially when there’s a significant amount of traffic. Intersections can also be risky, as they require more focus than usual and the slightest distraction can cause a disaster. When so many vehicles are in one place, the probability of involving multiple pedestrians who are crossing the street is greater. 

This doesn’t mean that rural areas are exempt from being a part of the problem. The lack of appropriate traffic control coupled with the frequent high speeds makes these sectors dangerous as well. Rural streets also tend to be narrower and offer reduced visibility, which can make it harder to brake before someone gets hit. 

What Leads to Accidents Involving Pedestrians?

The reasons behind pedestrian fatalities are usually similar to the ones that result in car crashes. The number one culprit is often distracted driving. A driver who takes their eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, or is busy with other activities while behind the wheel, is dramatically increasing the chances of hurting themselves and others around them. 

Alcohol can also slow down reaction times, leading to drunk drivers who fail to notice pedestrians in the crosswalk. Ignoring road signs, especially around schools, or making sudden and illegal lane changes can also cause severe injuries to pedestrians. Any time a driver fails to exercise reasonable care, there’s a chance for a devastating event to happen. 

How to Prevent a Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian can exercise caution to reduce the possibility of getting hit by vehicles. Avoiding dangerous and unusual behaviors can be a good start. Jaywalking may appear harmless on paper, but it can easily cause a road crash. Be careful when crossing the street and look both ways before committing. 

Remember to also obey traffic signals, and to use devices such as headphones or earbuds only in appropriate places. High volume can stop you from being aware of your surroundings and won’t let you react quickly if a vehicle is nearby. If you’re considered partly responsible for an accident, you won’t be able to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. 

A San Diego Injury Attorney Can Help

Pedestrian accident victims often find themselves dealing with catastrophic health conditions that require permanent treatment. This can be taxing on their finances and make it harder to continue enjoying life as they used to. Speaking with a San Diego injury attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need to take care of the damages caused by negligence. 

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