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San Diego Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

When someone drives distracted, you could be the one who suffers. Seek out a distracted driving accident attorney in San Diego to get the compensation you need to recover.

When you’re behind the wheel, you’re likely to do everything in your power to prevent a car accident. You follow the laws, you pull over if you’re sleepy, and you focus on the road when you’re driving. Unfortunately, not every driver on the road is so cautious and aware.

One of these distracted drivers might have caused you harm. Recovering financially and physically can be overwhelming on your own. A San Diego distracted driving accident lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC, can help you fight to get the full compensation you deserve after your accident.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a serious problem as technology continues to improve in its mobility. Driving distracted includes anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road, such as:

  • Cell phone use
  • Adjusting your stereo or GPS
  • Eating

People might use a variety of reasons to excuse these behaviors. They were making an important call, for example. Or they were late for work and eating on the road. Maybe they didn’t have a passenger to help them. But, none of these reasons rationalize the fact that they were driving distracted.

Getting caught driving distracted in California isn’t cheap, even when the driver wasn’t involved in an accident. Talking or texting behind the wheel can cost around $160. If you believe the other driver was negligent behind the wheel, reach out to a distracted driving attorney for help.

Compensation for a Distracted Driving Claim

A distracted driver in San Diego might be penalized and fined for their actions, but what about your compensation? Your full recovery could depend on getting the compensation you need, not just for medical bills or therapy, but also non-economic damages, too.

This means both the financial losses and the mental pain you’ve suffered because of your accident. Although the increasing bills and expenses might be your top priority, you should also receive compensation for the intangible losses, such as the emotional trauma of surviving an accident. Because this can impact your life profoundly, you should receive compensation for that impact.

If you’ve suffered from one or more of the following, you could receive compensation for your damages:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damage

Talk to a San Diego Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Driving distracted is a serious issue, but unfortunately, people choose to take risks with your safety every day. They might text, talk on the phone, or fail to pay attention when behind the wheel. That leaves you paying for their inattention.

Fortunately, a lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC, can help. Beginning with a free consultation, our attorneys will discuss all your options and answer any questions before you sign anything.

When you’re considering filing a claim, set up your free case review with our San Diego distracted driving accident lawyer first. Call us at 619-550-1313 or complete the online form below.

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