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San Diego T-Bone Accident Lawyer

Injured because of a San Diego T-bone wreck? Call an attorney who will fight for your rights and aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.

T-bone accidents are those in which one vehicle’s front end strikes the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents often occur at intersections, when one driver fails to stop when the light has turned red. There are many reasons a driver may not stop at a red light, thus T-boning another vehicle, and most of the time, negligence is involved.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries because you were T-boned by a negligent driver, you can sue the driver to hold him or her responsible for injuring you. Get in touch with a San Diego T-bone accident lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC, right away. We can assist you with obtaining compensation for a wreck you didn’t cause.

What Kinds of Injuries Are Common in San Diego T-Bone Accidents?

The reason T-bone wrecks are so serious is because there’s not a lot of protection for passengers on the sides of a vehicle, making side-impact accidents dangerous. In some vehicles, there are side airbags and crumple zones, but these safety features aren’t always enough to keep you safe when that much force is coming at you.

Most of the time, T-bone accidents mean serious injuries for victims. Your injuries will likely result in extensive medical bills, and you may not be able to return to work. Filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation is often the best course of action for San Diego T-bone accident victims.

Serious injuries you could suffer in a T-bone crash include the following:

What Could Have Caused My T-Bone Wreck?

Vehicles can collide for many different reasons, but T-bone accidents are often caused by driver negligence. If someone looks down to change the radio station and T-bones another vehicle, that’s an example of distracted driving. Driving distracted is a form of negligence.

Here are some common causes of San Diego T-bone wrecks:

  • Distracted Driving – Many drivers T-bone other vehicles because they simply aren’t paying attention.
  • Reckless Driving – A driver who decides to try to “beat the light” can easily T-bone another vehicle.
  • Speeding – A driver may be unable to slow down at an intersection, causing a side-impact accident.
  • Drunk or Drugged Driving – Poor reflexes and difficulty concentrating because of drugs and alcohol can easily cause T-bone accidents.
  • External Factors – Poor road conditions or faulty vehicle parts could lead to any type of accident, including those involving side impacts.

Get in Touch with a San Diego T-Bone Wreck Attorney

You’ve undoubtedly suffered as a result of your T-bone accident, and if you were hurt because of another person’s careless actions, that party should be held accountable.

You shouldn’t have to pay for the medical costs and accident-related expenses this T-bone wreck has caused you. Get help pursuing damages by calling The Kindley Firm, APC.

We offer free initial case consultations, so call a San Diego T-bone accident lawyer to discuss your claim and learn how much compensation you’re owed. Our number is 619-550-1313, and you’re welcome to complete our website contact form at the bottom of this page.

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