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How to Report Abuse in a Nursing Home 

Nursing homes can be a blessing and a curse for the elderly. On the one hand, many nursing homes are wonderful places where elderly individuals can live and enjoy their lives while still getting the care and support they need. Many nursing homes have great amenities, which can make all the difference for elderly adults.

However, nursing homes can also be poorly run. Abuse can occur if management is not vigilant in protecting the elders in their care. Elderly adults are abused for many different reasons. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the ability to protect themselves from abuse, and they may be too scared to report abuse themselves.

How to Spot Nursing Home Abuse

Before you can report abuse, you will need to be able to identify it. Abuse can come in many different forms, and the signs are different depending on the type of abuse. 

For example, physical abuse is one form of nursing home abuse. This abuse involves physical violence against an elderly adult, such as slapping, hitting, pinching, punching, kicking, and scratching. This kind of abuse will not always take place where witnesses can see it. 

You need to look out for the signs of physical abuse. Some signs include unexplained bruises, broken bones, torn clothing, scratches, and marks on the body. You can also watch out for behavioral signs such as withdrawal, depression, anxiety, self-soothing behavior, and fearful behavior.

A few other types of nursing home abuse:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal and emotional abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect

Reporting Abuse

Abuse can be reported to law enforcement officials right away. If you suspect the nursing home or nursing home staff are complicit in the abusive behavior, you might want to remove your loved one from the nursing home and then contact the authorities. You can simply call the police to report instances of elder abuse. 

In some states, you can also report elder abuse to an agency that investigates allegations of elder or nursing home abuse.

In addition to reporting abuse, you can also seek justice and financial compensation for the abuse your beloved family member has been through. When it’s too late to prevent abuse, you have every right to go after the person or organization responsible for the abuse your family member suffered.

Filing a claim can be difficult. Learn more by talking with a personal injury lawyer in California.

Reach Out to a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Near You

If you spot abuse, make sure that you report it right away. You could protect an elderly individual from being abused and suffering for the rest of their lives. If your loved one has already been abused, you might have the right to file a claim and get justice for what happened to them and financial compensation for any losses that resulted from the abuse.

Learn more about filing a claim when you call a California nursing home abuse lawyer. The Kindley Firm, APC can be reached by using the online contact form on this web page. You can also call 619-550-1313 to reach a lawyer at our firm.

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